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Class Clowns follows the misadventures of fictional comedian and former sitcom star Johnny B who starred in his own "Full House" pulls a “Kramer” takes a “Chappell” and comes back to star in his own “Seinfeld” type of web series/reality show.


Written by Don Barnhart and comedian Keith Lyle from The Hangover. The show stars the duo along with actress, model and comedian Linda Vu.  The show also features Vegas based comedians Derek Richards from The Irish Comedy Tour and Brent Mukai.


Produced by Don Barnhart Entertainment (DBE).  DBE credits include: The Freedom of Speech Comedy Series, The Ice House 50th Anniversary Special, Finding The Funny, China Dolls and more.  Please visit our IMDB page for more info.


Class Clowns are currently shooting in and around Las Vegas and looking for sponsors, product placement and offering commercial air-time.  For more information, please visit our sponsorship page.



Webisode 1 - The Meltdown


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